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Prism gives you the tools to stay calm, focused, and performant in every situation

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Perform Your Best​
In Any Situation

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“Prism taught me the skills to stay calm under pressure at home and at work”

- Cal S. (Philadelphia, PA)

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Breathing is essential to our health and wellbeing. Prism teaches the slight adjustments which can jump-start athletic performance, and naturally reduce inflammation and anxiety

Your Personalized Guide to Deep Breathing

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Breathing exercises shouldn’t be a chore, that’s why we’re building games you’ll look forward to playing again and again

Fun for the whole family

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Why Prism
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Practice Pre-programmed breathing exercises or create your own

Practice commonly used breathing exercises like box-breathing, triangle-breathing, hypoxic and hypercapnic breathing, or create your own routine

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Use alongside Your Favorite Podcast or Music App

Use the Freestyle Breathing Mode to record and track your heart rate and breathing as you listen to podcasts, meditation, audiobooks, and more

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* Separate audio subscription not included

** Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Audible are registered trademarks of their respective organizations

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